Claudia Slanar

The Ursula Blickle Video Archive was set up in 2007 at the Kunsthalle Wien with a particular focus on the 1990s and 2000s. Since 2011, the Belvedere has processed and enlarged the archive in cooperation with the Ursula Blickle Foundation and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The archive’s workstations at the Belvedere’s Research Center currently provide access to 2,600videos (900 are available online) by national and international artists, with a particular focus on Austrian video/filmmakers. Apart from historically relevant and internationally acclaimed video artists the archive also highlights genre-crossing and interdisciplinary trends in video art. Since 2014, Claudia Slanar has been responsible for the archive’s programmatic development, including acquisitions, programmatic development, and database maintenance.

*(apologies, the English version of the archive is currently undergoing maintenance)

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