Claudia Slanar

Since the mid 2000's, Claudia Slanar has been co-curating, co-organizing, and moderating events in the cultural sector. Below is a selection of talks and podium discussions that she moderated for the University of Applied Arts and the Belvedere 21, Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna.

Public Program - Belvedere 21

Since 2018 Belvedere 21 has offered a free-admission series titled Joint Ventures, which consists of talks, performances, and film screenings on burning issues of the present. With these events, the museum presents itself as a lively place for discussion and as an accessible meeting point for members of both immediate and distant communities.

Public Program 2018

1968 – Where Has All the Spirit Gone?

In 2018, the series focused on the 50th anniversary of 1968 and explored possible actualizations of socio-political achievements and demands of the movements of 1968. It was co-curated by Luisa Ziaja and Claudia Slanar.

Event Website (English)
Event Folder (German)

Public Program 2019

The Good Life and Co-Existence

In 2019 and 2020 Christiane Erharter and Claudia Slanar curated Joint Ventures together. In 2019, the event series explored questions of good life and (co-) existence. According to Donna Haraway and her theory of the Chthulucene, kinship and relationships should be seen in a new light and cross the species divide. With this in mind we asked: What does community solidarity look like? How will we remain empowered to act even in troubled times?

Sabine Marte, Step Behind the Ropes, Please! No. 2, performance.

Sabine Marte in conversation with Claudia Slanar (English).

Round table with filmmakers Katharina Lampert and Johanna Kirsch, as well as with Martina Handler about alternative models of living and producing, moderated by Claudia Slanar (German).

Round table with artist Tejal Shah, US American filmmaker and theorist Angela Anderson who explore non-binary approaches in ecology, feminism, and subject theory. Along with Nina Tabassomi, curator and director of Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol, moderated by Claudia Slanar (English).

Public Program 2020

Being Outside

In response to the ongoing pandemic, 2020 marked a re-evaluation of the Public Program and the decision to switch to a strictly outdoors program. “Being Outside” reflected upon topics of inclusion and exclusion with regard to the role of the museum in the 21st century. Austrian and international cultural workers presented artistic and activist strategies to deal with challenges of the present, such as colonial history, war and environmental destruction. While also addressing the potential formation of alliances and the celebration of new communities.

Public Program Website (German)

Introduction to the program by Christiane Erharter and Claudia Slanar (in German) – followed by a discussion about 25 years after the genocide in Srebrenica (former Yugoslavia).

Round Table 2016

Propulsion: On Changing Futures

University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department of Site-Specific Art

On Earth we are facing economic, ecological, and social transformations whose intricacies and consequences are hard to grasp. Their media-hyped representations invoke emergency scenarios, impeding nuanced analysis, catalyzing neoliberal economic measures (Naomi Klein’s “disaster capitalism”), and obscuring radical alternatives to a system at the point of its own dissolution.

Outer space was a pivotal point of reference throughout the twentieth century; today, it has again come into focus due to recent scientific, technological, and economic developments. Current discourses of discovery, expansion, and resource exploitation bear a striking resemblance to terrestrial ideologies of past centuries and raise many transdisciplinary issues.

How can we investigate the future cultural heritage of space without repeating colonial patterns of conquest? What do designs for space settlements and the architecture of Earth have in common? Does the Anthropocene imply human interventions not only in the geology of Earth but also on other planets? Who owns celestial bodies, and what responsibilities arise from our interactions with extraterrestrial places, objects, and materials even in the absence of alien life?

Introduction to the topic of the roundtable by Claudia Slanar, followed by a performative lecture by Ralo Meyer (English).

Concluding panel with curators Ralo Mayer and Claudia Slanar with participants Vera Tollmann, Alice Gorman, Douglas Murphy, and Saskia Vermeylen (English).

Propulsion: On Changing Futures - Website (English) Full Program - PDF (English)

October 26, 2016

Edgar Arceneaux - Screening & Performance

On October 26, 2016 the Belvedere 21 celebrated American artist Edgar Arceneaux’s European film premiere of Until, Until, Until…, which was produced from footage of his live performance with the same title. The play was commissioned by Performa, New York City’s performance biennial, in November 2015 and won the biennial’s Malcolm McLaren-Price.

After the screening in the Blickle Kino, Claudia Slanar held a conversation with Arceneaux about questions concerning historiography, censorship, black culture, and its representation in the media.

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